Lac Rose.

Lac Rose is a high-end, premium brand that focuses on providing authentic and handmade curly hair essential products.

A logo and a labeling system was designed considering the brand’s demographic. The idea was to present the company as an innovative and fresh brand, as well as professional and distinguished.


When discussing branding, you usually hear designers talk about color, shapes, and layouts but what does it all really mean for someone who is developing a business? Janiece Okpobiri, founder of Lac Rose, talks a bit about this:


Do you mind telling us a bit about you and Lac Rose?

Lac Rose was born because I really struggled connecting with hair brands. I am allergic to nuts and nearly every product I picked up had nut based oils or simply didn't work as well as it claimed to. I was tired of the "old grandma's formula" approach to branding and I didn't want my products to boast miracle claims. The idea was simple: modern and real. From there, a curly hair essentials brand was formed and I couldn't be happier. The brand feels real to my actual journey as a young woman exploring natural hair. It's unlike anything else out there.


What were your expectations when approaching the project?

Before we started the project, I thought I knew what I wanted the brand to look like. As Rebeca asked me questions about our process, how the brand thinks about certain things, our customer base, I got something very different - and it was much better than I would have thought.


What benefit has design brought to your business?

It's set us apart and given us more credibility. I hear it all the time, "I love your packaging. That's a product I'd want on my bathroom sink!" It's interesting to hear because as the brand was coming together, that's the exact feeling I felt approving designs. It's a personal feeling and hearing our customers feel the same way is validation.


Do you think design can make or break a product?

I tell people design can make or break a product all the time. Design legitimizes your brand. It catches the eye of the prospective buyer. It tells your brand story without saying a word. Design isn't just aesthetics, its communication and marketing.