Editorial Lettering.

Self-Initiated. It has always been a big dream of mine to have a lettering piece featured on a magazine, so I’m starting this new little personal project where I’ll be creating lettering pieces for articles that inspire and intrigue me.


This is the one I chose to start with: “10 destinos para visitar una vez en la vida” –   An article by Travesias. The article is based on Gunnar Garfors’ trips, but they chose to focus on his favorites, which includes places like Iceland, Vietnam, Madagascar, Uruguay or New Zeland. I really liked that the destinations included in this list are not cliché, but rather unexpected. 

Etapas en Transición – The second one of my Editorial Lettering series. For this second one I chose an article by  Vogue Mexico September Issue. I was flipping through its pages and read this small paragraph in this article that talked about ways you can create a retro-inspired look that a feminine version of Marty Mcfly would approve. That made me smile, so I decided to go with that one.  When I started thinking about the design, I immediately got the idea of playing with a very condensed style for the word “Etapas”. For some reason I wanted to explore very thin and sophisticated letterforms that would create a nice balance with the script letterforms on the piece.