Hey there!

I’m Rebeca, a Mexican-born designer with a passion for letterforms, currently working as a freelance lettering artist & graphic designer.

My work focuses on lettering, typography-inspired branding and editorial design. 

Over my 8+ years of experience I have studied, lived and worked in New York and Mexico City, dabbling into branding and editorial design. This led me to various recognitions including the award for Best Editorial Design at A! International Awards.

I have always thought that typography and lettering have a way of telling a story that is much more efficient than icons, color, and even images, which makes letterforms a very powerful tool for communication and design. That is why a few years ago I took the Condensed program at Type@Cooper, a Typeface Design Program offered by Cooper Union and the Type Directors Club. There, I found my passion for letterforms and have been working as a lettering artist since. 

As a travel lover, I draw inspiration for projects from the lovely places I’ve visited all over the world. As well as ideas for Typebasics - a self initiated project that aims to bring typography and lettering knowledge to non-typography designers.

When I am not obsessing over the perfect counter and flourish, I am a dog lover, cold brew appreciator and embroidery addict.

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