Stop Stopping Yourself

What: Lettering
Where: Mexico City, MX.
Client: Self-initiated

A while back I saw a post by Casey Schuurman about the ‘Brave Face’ exhibition. The idea was to showcase mantras that artists use for creative courage. Casey created a piece with the words “Comparison Kills” and wrote “in a time were socia media is highly accesible and all consuming, being conscious of our habit to consistently compare ourselves to one another is more important than ever...”

I felt related immediately after reading about her piece. I’m a first hand witness of how comparison can affect you and I also loved the idea of working around creative mantras for courage, so I decided to work on one too. For me the issue is my insecurity, which is often caused by comparing myself and my work to others, and how it can become fear and ultimately stop you from doing what you want.

I have insecurities, about pretty much everything, and I’m sure everyone is insecure about something too, but the goal is to keep them from stopping you. ‘Stop stopping yourself’ is a reminder of how you can just decide to leave your fears and insecurities on the side and go for it!