Nike – Voz Hermana.

What: Lettering for Mural
Where: Mexico City, MX.
Client: Artsynonym + Nike

In 2021, I was invited by Enriqueta Arias to collaborate with Artsynonym and Nike Women in an amazing project titled “Voz Hermana”. This project was a Nike initiative, and the goal was to help empower women and promote their voices and everything we have to say, particularly here in Mexico, where gender violence has been on the rise. For the project I created a lettering piece for a mural and worked with a beautiful and straight-forward poem by Jimena Gonzalez: ““Tu voz puede ser tu fuerza. Con tus palabras puedes crear nuevos mundos”, which translates to: “Your voice can be your strength, with your words you can create new worlds”.

I really enjoyed painting in the streets of Mexico City, and loved how this piece was sparking conversations from people who passed by. What means the most to me is, not only having the opportunity to collaborate in such an amazing project, but to contribute my grain of sand to this problem. Women have to know that they’re not alone, we’re here for each other, and our voices is our strength.