Murales Con Eco – 
"Ayuda a alguien. Empatía es alegría."


Artsynonym created the project "Murales Con Eco" to help spread support and care messages to people in Mexico City and the world while it's been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Positivity is much needed at these times, and on of the best ways to pass it on is through art. 

The project involved 13 artists – illustrators, lettering artists and designers –  working and reinterpreting messages from writers, musicians and filmmakers. These pieces were later shown in the side walls of Hotel Habita in Polanco, Mexico City. 

I was really honored, grateful and happy to be a part of this amazing initiative, and was specially excited to work with this message by Sopitas: "Ayuda a alguien, Empatia es Alegria."

Client: Artsynonym / Location: Mexico City / Role: Lettering


↑ Digital Lettering – Created on iPad and Procreate.