Editorial Lettering

It has always been a big dream of mine to have a lettering piece featured on a magazine, so I’m starting this new little personal project where I’ll be creating lettering pieces for articles that inspire and intrigue me.

Client: Self-started / Location: Mexico City / Role: Art Direction + Lettering


↑ Etapas en Transición – For this piece I chose an article by Vogue Mexico September Issue. I was flipping through its pages and read this small paragraph in this article that talked about ways you can create a retro-inspired look that a feminine version of Marty Mcfly would approve. That made me smile, so I decided to go with that one. When I started thinking about the design, I immediately got the idea of playing with a very condensed style for the word “Etapas”. For some reason I wanted to explore very thin and sophisticated letterforms that would create a nice balance with the script letterforms on the piece.


↑ 10 destinos para visitar una vez en la vida – An article by Travesias Magazine. The article is based on Gunnar Garfors’ trips, but they chose to focus on his favorites, which includes places like Iceland, Vietnam, Madagascar, Uruguay or New Zeland. I really liked that the destinations included in this list are not cliché, but rather unexpected.